low volume market information


E&A Limited has no role in the negotiation and pricing of any trade under the Low Volume Market. Financial information lodged with ASIC (available in the Reports and Publications Shareholder section of our website) may assist parties in their negotiations. Before completing your trade, you should check this section for any recently added information.

Tax Consequences

E&A Limited is unable to provide you with any advice in relation to the potential tax consequences of any sale as each shareholder’s circumstance are different. You should obtain your own taxation, financial and investment advice in relation to the consequences of any sale before entering into any transaction to sell or buy E&A Limited shares.

Removing yourself from the Low Volume Market Register or changing your price or volume

You can request that your details be amended or removed from the Register by contacting E&A Limited's Office Manager.

Finding a Buyer or Seller Outside of the Low Volume Market

The low volume market provides you with one way to potentially locate a buyer or seller of E&A Limited shares. You may find your own buyer for your shares outside of the market.

Confirming that the Seller is the True Owner of Shares they are Selling

Each E&A Limited shareholder is issued with a holding statement for their E&A Limited  shares. You may also inspect the register of members for E&A Limited at its share registry to confirm the seller is the registered holder of the shares.

E&A Limited takes no responsibility for and has no liability to any buyer who does not receive good title to any E&A Limited shares they have paid for.

Cost of share sale

E&A Limited will not charge any fees to the Seller or the Buyer.